Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Maven Yavin is a collaborative blog dedicated to topics of common interest in the Jewish blogosphere, topics such as Torah, Jewish thought and Jewish history (and Artscroll).

Maven Yavin's agenda is only to provide food for thought, to be the catalyst for sharpening our own thoughts and those of our commenters and readers, which, in the spirit of the ancient tradition of Jewish learning, discussion and debate can do.

Just kidding about the Artscroll part. Or maybe not.

Maven Yavin would be remiss if we do not mention the Godol Hador who is a model for what a Jewish blog can be, with both quality posts and commenters. On the theory that more heads are better than one, we hope to captivate your interest. If you have any cracks to make about how it always takes a bunch of people to replace one, make it now. ;) Besides, Maven Yavin makes no claim to GH's hallowed real estate and loyal readers. We will have to earn that, although we're almost certain there won't be any Supertramp song parodies.

Maven Yavin's contributing posters are listed at the upper right, some of you already know us.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005


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