Tuesday, December 19, 2006

R' Elyashiv on Passing Judgment on Books

Krum as a bagel
Over at Krum, I posted a letter of R' Aharon Feldman recently printed in a number of Israeli newspapers regarding R' Elyashiv's views on rabbinic judgment of books. As I noted, the contrast with the process that led to the ban on R' Slifkin's writings is quite stark. For the benefit of the Maven readership, a rough translation:

This to certify that yesterday I asked Rabbi Elyashiv shlit"a about his opinion on the books regarding marital issues by Tehila Abramov. He answered me that he approved of the books [lit.: leaned his hands on them] after they (including the english editions) were subjected to examination by a bes din of experts which did not find in them any flaw except for a number of minor matters that were corrected in the new edition. And I am certain that those that oppose the books have not read them and we should not rely on their opinions.

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